RAUMBILDER – Mesh of Identities

Von Arjama Mukherjee

A mesh of core identities of the Vier und Marschlande, combining the topographic characteristics against activities this same topography enables.

Mapping the most visible and dominant topographic characteristics in the Vier und Marschlande leads to the emergence of a network. In this network some features remain more dominant than others, for example, the great number of Naturzschutzgebiete. Other features remain isolated from this dominant network, for example the slightly higher areas of the north. This network of features like nature reserves, ponds, windmills in turn make visible a fleet of activities the Vier und Marschlande has to offer. The windpark of Neuengamme, the bird observatory, hiking trails of the Boberger nature reserve, the golf courses, the camping site on the südliche Elbe, painting a picture of the Vier und Marschlande as a place ‘to do things’. Thus, the picture allows a person seeing the Vier und Marschlande for the first time to get an immediate idea of what it has to offer, what are the main characteristics and what one can do there.

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